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Tips To Prepare For JEE Advanced

Tips To Prepare For JEE Advanced

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If you are reading this then you surely have cleared JEE Main and congratulations on that. You have successfully cleared your step 1 in your dream of getting admission in IIT and are currently trying to clear your stage 2. However, its now time to leave your accomplishment behind and prepare for JEE Advanced as the difficulty of this exam sets a different league in itself. You have already followed the preparations of JEE Main and you need to follow the same just with some more tips as the paper of this exam differs slightly from that of JEE Main. Follow these tips and you should be just fine.

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  1. Leave the pride of clearing JEE Main behind as it will harm you a lot by filling you with the distraction that you don’t need any more study
  2. You practiced for JEE Main, now you get a reward, practice even more. It may sound a lot of work but trust me when you fulfill your dream of entering IIT, you will feel really good
  3. There is very little time available between JEE Main and JEE Advanced and so you must not waste your time in learning new things
  4. Revise what you already know and revise it again and again so that you don’t forget something on the critical moment of the paper
  5. The only thing you must try to learn is how to make lesser mistakes while calculating and creating the equations and structures in case of Chemistry
  6. You should be thorough with your understanding of the topics
  7. The paper of JEE Advanced is completely application based, so you must focus your method of learning in the same direction
  8. You have very little time left for the exam after JEE Mains and too large of the syllabus to revise
  9. So effectively plan your schedule for revising and practicing as both are very important
  10. You need a proper balance between rest (mostly sleep) and your studies
  11. You need at least 7-8 hrs of sleep but don’t oversleep
  12. At this time, you should be solving previous years’ question papers for proper practice of questions
  13. The solving of papers should be done with the exact timings of the JEE Advanced exam, exactly on the start time and end time and with the break time
  14. This will give you a habit of solving the paper within the time constraints and keep a check if you might get sloppy during the actual paper
  15. Don’t get intimidated by the articles with questions like “Questions Harder than Advance” or “If you can solve This you can Crack JEE Advanced with ease”. They are mostly questions based on higher studies like PhD. and will decrease your self-confidence and you don’t have time to spare in gaining your confidence again
  16. Have consistent efforts and practice regularly. A little play is needed for you to remain at your peak but doesn’t overdo your play (even your studies actually)
  17. Get to know where your exam center is and how to reach there
  18. Plan how to reach there, when to leave, how much time will be required and so on
  19. Keep in mind that the exam centres will have the strict dress code like you can’t wear full-sleeved shirts/tops, cannot wear any kind of jewellery, can’t have pens with a non-transparent body (even though it’s not a dress-code but it is a rule) and so on
  20. Keep track of these codes and cross-check it on your admit card and on the website as well as the centre itself. You wouldn’t want to come for the exam and waste your time in all of this
  21. Reach the centre prior to the reporting as there might be some sort of checking and verification by the authorities which might require some time. Also carry a dark HB pencil, eraser, sharpener and anything else that you might need if it is allowed but do remember that a pouch or pencil box is not allowed so you will need to carry all this in your hand
  22. Plan whether you will mark the answers as and when you solve it or in the end but if you decide to mark in the end then do it at least 20-30 minutes prior to the finishing time
  23. Don’t eat rice or other edibles made of rice before you leave for the paper or during the break in the exam, as it has been observed that rice induces sleep and laziness
  24. Also, avoid oily stuff especially from the canteen of the centre. Rather carry something fresh and healthy from your home
  25. Don’t discuss your answers in the break-time as, if you might have got something wrong it will disturb you later and also attempt one question at a time without thinking of any other question


Lastly, I would like to tell you is to believe in yourself and have confidence (not over-confidence though) and everything, not just this paper but your future tests as well will come out bright

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