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Crack JEE Main/Advanced In Two Months

Crack JEE Main/Advanced In Two Months

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JEE Main seems really hard nutshell to crack for everyone, but actually, it is not. One could crack anything with dedication and preparation in the proper direction. JEE Main is conducted in around April month in both the modes pen paper and online mode.
The toughest part the students have to face as they have to prepare simultaneously for their boards as well as JEE Main. The balance between the two needs to be managed to get best results in both the exams. The journey from 12th to IIT, surely have hurdles all the way but if you follow expert's tips and advice you'll be able to make cracking IIT possible.

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1. Plan Your Studies Well

First of all, schedule down your plan and topics along with the length of hours you can devote to it and make it as a deadline that you need to do it within that time limit only. Study for at least 8 hours in a day. Try to cover up everything but give extra time for the subjects in which you have lower hand. Assign one complicated topic and one easy topic. Solve physics and mathematics problems every day.

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2. Books- The Prime Saviors

Books are the magic wand to crack IIT entrance examination as well as for giving your best in CBSE examination. NCERT textbooks are the god of all when it comes to the preparation of both the exams, these textbooks should be the preferred one to cover the topic first, and then one should refer to these standard books other textbooks to burrow into the topic.

  • Physics- Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma
  • Mathematics- Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics by A Das Gupta
  • Chemistry- Arihant master resource book for JEE

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3. Practice By Giving Mock Test

It’s all not to your knowledge, concepts or your learning ability. The real-time simulation of the test is mandatory. One should know the time management in exam like which section I am good in or I can attempt questions quickly to sum up the paper on time so that can review answers at the end of examinations. It will increase the confidence level as well as you get familiar with the way of test going to show up and will improve your speed and accuracy also. 

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4. Study When You Want To Study

Different people have different learning abilities along with their different time period of concentration and attentiveness. Few need peace to study so they prefer night to spend on the books and few are early birds who woke up early to study. Every student has different time periods of attentiveness where they can put their best efforts in. One should only study when they can give 100% of themselves.

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5. Study Techniques

More than hard work, smart work pays you more in return. When it comes to crack IIT examination one must follow smart work and tricks. Follow a study technique which helps you to simplify the tough concept and helps you to remember the concepts better.

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Mind Maps For Mathematics:

Use mind mapping technique to understand tough concepts. It is a technique which makes a tree or map making the main topic as root and branching subtopics to further elaborate the topic.

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Block Diagrams For Physics:

This is a technique where principal functions are represented by blocks and lines. It is mainly used to represent inter-relationships. The brain has more retention power to diagrams.

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Flow Charts For Chemistry:

Flow charts can be used to represent workflow, process or step by step representation of sequences which is the solution. Flowcharts create better understanding and ease of learning.

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With these preparation hacks, you can crack JEE Main in just 2 months. Impossible is nothing with dedication and hard work.

 All the best for JEE Main.

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