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Top 5 Misconceptions About JEE Main

Top 5 Misconceptions About JEE Main

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1. JEE Main Is Too Tough To Clear!

Many students feel that JEE Main can be cleared only by scholars and top rankers, It’s just a myth because of baseless fears and people making JEE Main that high mountain that can't be climbed by average people but they cannot deny from the truth because even an average student has the capability to clear the JEE Main exam, by just simply putting their heart into it with 100% hard work along with smart work. Start preparing in the right direction, leave rote learning start working on your concepts.

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2. JEE Main Preparation Does Not Need Revision

Revision is the solution to whatever you have learned. Our mind needs to get refreshed after some interval. If JEE Main is the building, then revision is the foundation of the building. No matter how much effort you have put into your preparation, if you haven't looked after it by an equally good revision technique, then it would lead you nowhere closer to success.CBSE syllabus taught in school is not enough to clear JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, it’s just first brick on which you have to build up your knowledge building with deep learning efforts.

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3. No One Can Clear JEE Main Without Coaching Classes

The first thing one needs to clear from their minds that the uncountable coaching centers displaying pictures of students who have cleared JEE Main in front of their institutes on huge hoarding boards don't mean only who take coaching could make up to IIT's. It’s another kind of misconception that without coaching, one cannot crack JEE Main. You must remember just enrolling in a coaching class does not ensure a seat in an IIT/NIT. The 3I’s that you must follow are:

  • Intention
  • Integrity
  • Interest

Explore your Interest, make a goal with the intention to achieve it and finally work in the direction of proper guidance and self-efforts.

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4. 5-6 Hours Of Study Are Enough To Clear JEE Main

Studying for any no. of hour’s means nothing if you aren't clearing your concepts because JEE focuses on your conceptual knowledge, try to grasp concepts and hacks to imply them to get through the mock test. It’s a proven fact that human brain cannot concentrate on something for more than 20 to 30 minutes unless trained otherwise. Do not push yourself more than your mind can afford. Try to go for interactive online video lectures which mind enjoys learning a new concept through. Audiovisual study works in most of the cases and helps to achieve maximum attention span.

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5. Securing A Good JEE Main Rank And Securing Good Board Percentage Simultaneously Is Not Possible

As I have said above, CBSE syllabus taught in school is not enough to clear JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, it’s just first brick on which you have to build up your knowledge building with deep learning efforts. The basic concepts remain same for both just a little more extensive learning is required for JEE Main. It's never going to affect your board's preparation; in fact, clearer concepts will help you more in the exam if something comes out of the box in the board question paper. Never try to jump directly on the 10th stair, go one by one adding on something new on every stage to ensure you learn basics as well as complex questions.

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