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Valuable Tips For NTSE Preparation

Valuable Tips For NTSE Preparation

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NTSE, a national-level talent search examination is one of the most aspired scholarship examinations taken by the candidates across the country. Every year thousands of students studying in 10th grade wish to attain scholarship through NTSE. Many of you must be seeking tips on how to prepare for NTSE examination. One should first understand one thing their foundation should be so strong because only by clearing both the exams, one could get the final scholarship opportunity.

Here are few tips on NTSE preparation by Girish Sachdev, Director of Study Vault. He had sum up the importance of NCERT books, daily question practice, important topics for both MAT and SAT and mock test as the best way to discover success in the exam.


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How To Begin NTSE Preparation?

It should begin with the base class that is 9th standard onwards. Conceptual understanding must be given preference and daily question practice related to topics is mandatory. Solve previous year papers to have expertise in problem-solving.


What Is The Complete Syllabus?

The syllabus for NTSE includes the General Science apart from the NCERT curriculum based Science and Mathematics syllabus. The syllabus is so designed to check mental ability and social science knowledge to the level of 10th grade.

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What Are The Important Topics Related To NTSE?

NCERT is the one solution which could lead you to the way to crack NTSE exams along with the help of previous year question papers.

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Are NCERT Books Helpful For NTSE Preparation?

NCERT books are relevant. But the aspiring student must have a real-time simulation mock test where he could judge his time management.


How Can One Cope Up With Preparation For NTSE Along With Daily-Studies?

NTSE usually comes after 10th-grade exams so one could prepare for both at the same time. A candidate could point out his weak points on early stage and could work in that particular area to achieve maximum success rate in the exam. The concepts from 9th to 10th are inter relatable, so one can integrate the both for NTSE exam preparation.

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Are Coaching Guidance A Must Required to Crack NTSE?

Yes. Coaching can direct you to the right track and path. It provides you with better guidance, makes you more focused, bounds you with tests, daily learning, and most importantly mock tests to evaluate one's performance as in a competitive class environment.

How To Tackle The Exam Pressure?

If you had enough pre-preparation and practice with mock tests along with the confidence to perform well in the final exam with great time management strategy, none can stop you to crack the exam. Practice makes the person confident and a confident person is never under pressure.

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What If A Candidate Does Not Qualify For NTSE Stage 1 or 2?

The NTSE examination is conducted in two parts – I & II. Only students qualified in Stage I gets an opportunity to appear for Stage II. However, disqualifying or not making up the Stage I benchmark scores do not give any further opportunity to appear again. There is numerous more opportunity besides NTSE like NSEJS, NSO, NSTSE having relevance to science and Mathematics subjects. If you are a mathematics genius then, RMO is best for you as it entirely checks your mathematics. There’s always another gate.

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